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Chef ZPalm


The growth of Chef Zack Palmer

My culinary interests started at a young age - accompanying my mom to catering events as a young kid & from there my passion just grew. I received my culinary degree from Collin College and then started my fifteen year, exciting & brutal journey through the restaurant industry. Working at restaurants such as Maximos in Addison under Chef Amador Amora (also of The Mansions), Trulucks, Neighborhood Services, & Cane Rosso. In 2013 I began working under Chef Omar Flores at Casa Rubia in Trinity Groves, a restaurant that received James Beard nominations three years in a row & also was awarded the best new restaurants in Dallas. After working at Casa Rubia for three years I went to work for Flores under his new concept, Whistle Britches, where I opened their 2nd location as the Head Chef.  


How it started...

In August of 2019 I suffered a severe pancreas attack that almost took my life just 5 weeks before my first child was due. During my recovery I had a lot of time to think about what my next move in life would be as a new father & husband. I wanted to take a chance to be my own boss, so in December of 2019 my wife Kelly and I started ZPalm Kitchen. Over 4 years later our small business is thriving, and we've also welcomed a second child to our family, our son Oliver.  This business has been a blessing in allowing a beautiful balance of family and work life, something you rarely hear of in the restaurant industry! 



Our Mission

I feel I can bring an exciting twist to meal prep with unique flavor combinations and cooking techniques, featuring the Big Green Egg and the many recipes I have learned, perfected and crafted over my exciting culinary career. Our goal is to provide fresh, creative and convenient meals – all delivered right to your door. I look forward to showcasing my culinary talents for you, your family & friends!


ZPalm Kitchen -

"Meal Prep for Foodies" 

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